The Conference Human Centric Ecosystems – broadcast live from the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven-NL

What are innovation ecosystems, and more specifically: human centric ecosystems? Why is the shift towards human centricity important and what are the implications on an ecosystem-, organizational-, team- and individual level? Answers to these questions and so much more will be addressed during our Human Centric Ecosystem conference.

Find out more about our conference in our flyer.

09:45 Visitors ‘entering’ the auditorium
10:00 What & why of ecosystems – by Rick Wielens
10:10 The Macro/Ecosystem level – by Margot Nijkamp
10:30 The Meso/Organization level – by Dr. Frank Lekanne Deprez
10:50 The Micro/Team level – by Lt. Hans van Loon
11:10 Coffee-break
11.20 The Nano/Individual level – by Dr. Mindy Howard
11.40 Moderated Panel discussion
12.00 Q&A

Get your ticket now and join us on the 16th of June!

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