Training: Ecosystem Practitioner

Together with the University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam Business School) you will be trained in 6 months for the role of Ecosystem Practitioner. In case of successful completion, you will receive a certificate.

Training: A challenge as an Innovation Expedition

How do you set up an innovation challenge? Which are the steps to take and which mistakes can you avoid? Learn all of this in 1 day.

Interactive Game: Ecosystem Game ®©

This lively game offers a true experience of the roles within an ecosystem and how they (do not) strengthen each other.


Interactive Session: Ecosystem Validation Method

You wish to innovate together with your ecosystem. Important is: what will parties contribute and what do parties get out of the collaboration? Within 1 day ESTI will validate your planned cooperation.

Training: HR Business Partner to Innovation Partner

In order to truly innovate, your organization needs to have the right talent in the right places. During this 5-day training all aspects are addressed to take up your role as HR innovation partner.

Training: From Campus location to Ecosystem

During this 2-day training you will be guided through the transition of a campus to an active ecosystem.

Workshop: Diversity for Innovation Culture

During this 3-hour workshop we playfully address the mindsets and diversity needed to be successful in ecosystem innovation.

curriculum 8

Workshop: Social Innovation

There are many misunderstandings around social innovation. What is it? How do you start and support it? How do you implement the results? This learning by doing workshop teaches you all of this in 4 hours.


Interactive Game: The Labor Market Game ®©

A healthy labor market is of vital importance to the economy. Who are the necessary players and how do you activate the multi-helix around this common goal?


“We would like to thank ESTI (former Open Innovation Academy) for organizing the Ecosystem Game for our Upstream Gas Consortium (UGC). We asked Margot and team for a varied group of technical people from the oil and gas sector and they managed this very professionally. The enthusiastic way of playing the game was contagious. The game is interactive and teaches you during the flow the principles of ecosystem thinking and open innovation. It provided us and our consortium members more insight of how to innovate in building an open innovation partnership.”

René Peters Directeur Gas Technology, TNO

“Our team from EuroPartners Philips Research played the Ecosystem Game with an experienced specialists in R&D Public Funding projects. Despite the fact that we already apply the open innovation concept for a long time, still a number of eye-openers occured to us. We experienced the pre-occupied opinions we all have with respect to other parties. In this interactive game it became clear that the focus should not be only at the wins we could have from the consortium, but also what other partners could gain from us. Thinking a priori about what you want to bring and achieve – realizing that every partner strives for an individual win – are essential elements not only in the game but also in real practical cases. Margot and her team guided us through a real experience, we learned a lot and had fun. Well done!”

Tom Flaman, afdelingshoofd Europartners Philips Research

“In preparation for the innovation project “Fieldlab Smartbase” of the Ministry of Defense, we played the Ecosystem Game together with all the different parties and interests. In a playful way you learn what innovation means in the “triple helix”. You also learn what you may encounter when you enter a joint development project. Whether it is about IP, finances, reputation, availability of infrastructure, project leadership, or the combination of large parties with small parties: Everything is covered. You will become aware that in Open Innovation you are dealing with all these different interests. The Game adds to the realization that you need to be careful with the various interests of the participating parties, but also that various interests do not need to be showstoppers for achieving joint innovation. The pleasant and casual, yet business-like atmosphere which is created by the team, makes the game reflect the sometimes harsh reality. The Ecosystem Game is an excellent tool to bring parties with seemingly conflicting interests together for joint innovation!”

Luinenant Kolonel Edwin Leidelmeijer, Ministerie van Defensie

“Practice what you teach!”

– Susanne Toussaint

The collaboration with UvA

“Successful innovation today demands an ecosystem approach. The collaboration between ESTI and UvA is a good example of this. The work arenas of ESTI and UvA offer a valuable complementarity to each other. With this shared approach a unique program can be developed around ecosystems, which will be highly valuable for the participants, for instance state-of-the-art insights into themes as open innovation and knowledge absorption.”

Prof. Dr. Henk Volberda, Professor of Strategic Management & Innovation (Amsterdam Business School of the UvA)


Margot Nijkamp

Our Co-Founder Margot has been active on the human factor in (open) innovation for well over 20 year. She created and wrote the Ecosystem Game.