In this day and age, we need more and more shared forms of innovation. One of the key elements is the innovation culture that you create within your organization. Fostering the right mindsets is not just important for the employer, but just as much so for the team member. In order to find a match on mindsets you need to be each other’s career heroes, be open and transparent on what to expect on both sides of the table. It’s that femininity in culture that drives towards team and not ego, towards humanity and not economy. Of course, you need measurable goals to work towards, but it’s about how you reach those goals. Femininity is not about gender, but about Diversity, Equality and Inclusion as a whole. You need diversity in knowledge fields, religion, gender, age, nationalities and levels of education. If the cultural aspects don’t match on a personal level, it’s going to cost endless energy to work together. So BE YOUR OWN CAREER HERO, dare to make choices, be independent. With the right cultural match, you will co-create true value.

Our director Margot Nijkamp has done much research and has in-depth knowledge on how to make organizations fit for open innovation. Based on that we have created an Open Innovation Culture program, including a special diversity module. Margot writes about DEI and is a keynote speaker at many events.

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Fairy Tale by Margot Nijkamp at the Fe+Male Tech Heroes Conference 2022

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