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The Challenge

Social housing corporations in the Netherlands face the huge challenge to accelerate the realization of 150.000 new dwellings over the next few years.

Ten social housing corporations Wonen Zuid, Area, Domijn, Tiwos, Zayaz, Maasvallei, Antares, ZOwonen, Wonen Limburg and Alwel at this moment cannot realize affordable new housing for 1- 2 person households. Together with Aedes, the national organization for social housing corporations and NCB, the national foundation promoting conceptually built houses, they are seeking innovation breakthrough in the realization of affordable new houses for the two types of houses for a total of around 4000 dwellings for 1- 2 person households. The challenge is completely guided by the Ecosystem Thinking Institute based out of Eindhoven-NL.

Do you have the breakthrough in:

  • Purchasing cost: through innovations in processes, materials and installations?
  • Failure-, operating- and maintenance cost: through innovations in quality, circularity, predominantly maintenance free / low maintenance materials and ‘plug and play’ installations?
  • Innovative choices in design, implementation, ownership, financing and/or exploitation?
  • Unique collaborations with partners in the value chain?
    to substantially improve the return on investment for 50 years exploitation for housing corporations.

Join our Challenge!

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