Climate Innovation Through Interactive Ecosystem Summits

Ecosystem Thinking is relevant for many arenas, not in the least in the climate and energy transitions. The Cities 4.0 project is a collaboration of 4 European cities: Brainport Eindhoven/Helmond, Leuven, Turku and Bologna. All 4 have been selected by the EU as members of the 100 Climate Neutral Cities 2030 and thus they aim at reaching the same goal.

ESTI is a neutral facilitator in this project assisting the 4 cities to reach their goals and co-create a Joined Climate Action Plan. For this purpose we use i.e. our Ecosystem Game©® and our Salesforce-based ESTI Innovation Challenge Platform. Because together we can map the shared problems the regions face, we can also create an exchange to come to shared solutions.

An important element of the Cities 4.0 is the outreach towards the citizens in the region, something we strongly believe in. Without true citizen participation, you cannot implement new solutions. It is all about behaviour. And without acceptance and implementation, you haven’t innovated.

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