curriculum 2

Learn about the challenges that working in an ecosystem entails; such as the conflicting interests and how to deal with these, the required mindsets, capability and profile selection and learnings from other organizations.


The game is played in a live (online) workshop setting; it’s interactive, highly engaging and self-learning between participants. The game gives participants an experience while absorbing knowledge in the process. It’s seen as energetic, challenging and eye-opening – even by people who are already working in an innovation ecosystem. The game can be played in a 2h (online) teaser program), 4h or 8h program.

“It provided us and our consortium members more
insight of how to innovatie in building an Open
Innovation partnership.”

– R. Peters / Director Gas Technology / TNO

Masterpiece of practice

The game is facilitated and guided by our lecturers: Margot Nijkamp en Rick Wielens. If anyone knows a lot about Open Innovation, it’s them.

margot nijkamp

Margot Nijkamp

As one of the pioneers she started Packard Bell (Europe), Intermec, E-ONE and Holst Centre, the first Open Innovation Institute in the Netherlands. Margot’s 25 years of experience entails the human aspects, inner workings and innovation culture needed.

rick wielens

Rick Wielens

Has been deeply ingrained in the world of innovation for the last 20 years. As CEO for Nine-Sigma Europe he developed a growing and profitable organization with major brand recognition in the Open Innovation industry. He created a steady string of successes with over 100 large clients like Siemens, Philips, ASML, Clariant, AkzoNobel and AstraZeneca.

For whom

The game can be played by groups up to 80 participants:

  • Who are already working in an ecosystem
  • Who want to know more about Ecosystem Thinking
  • For assessing new collaborations in terms of people and strategy alignment
  • To introduce new partners in their ecosystem or OI programs with several different organizations

Take aways

After playing the game participants experienced and fully comprehend:

  • Required mindsets in EcoSystem Thinking
  • Capability and competencies for Open Innovation
  • What is an innovation ecosystem and how does this
    impact the organization
  • Feedback and insights on the role play
  • Open Innovation and personality type insights
  • Experience and learning with regard to Open
  • Innovation from other organizations
  • Consortium / Collaboration principles

Program details

The game is normally played in a live off-line workshop setting; the teaser program can also be done through a real-time digital online format. We are excited that our players so far have been very positive about the way we have gotten them into an innovative mindset. The way the game is organized is seen as highly engaging. The factor humor is well represented in this safe setting, which makes the participation all the more fun.