How can we give ourselves a ‘software update’?

Margot Nijkamp is MD of the Open Innovation Academy and works with the human factor in open innovation. Her belief is that, for an organisation to sustain a healthy innovation culture, it needs feminine aspects – inter-personal characteristics that include sharing, team work and looking out for one another.

Margot will be running a challenging and fun-filled workshop at Female Tech Heroes, entitled “Be your own career hero”, during which she will share practical tools for creating mindsets for success.

“We will challenge those in the audience to look into the mindsets and beliefs that they have. For instance, many ‘feminine’ women have a belief that everything has to be perfect. If you tell yourself that this is the only truth, you are going to be in serious trouble. We will look at how we can give ourselves a software update – and how we can be OK with who we are.”

Radio4Brainport visited Margot at her offices at the High Tech Plaza, on the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, to find out more about her coaching tools and her advice on how to be a Power Girl.

Listen to the podcast here:

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